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Here are some actual use cases of aidea vehicles!

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Use cases

Here are some actual use cases of aidea vehicles!

DHL Japan, Inc.

AA-cargo was adopted as DHL Japan’s collection/delivery vehicle. This is the first full-scale introduction of electric bikes in the international express industry.

News release by DHL Japan

 Improving speed of delivery through the downsizing of vehicles

With the recent spread of e-commerce, freight is becoming smaller and more frequent at an accelerating pace, requiring further efficiency in last-mile delivery. As one of the solutions, aidea AA-Cargo was added to the existing 4-wheel fleet. A total of 10 units are in operation in Tokyo and Osaka.

In urban areas, there are narrow alleys and areas where parking is difficult for four-wheel vans. AA-Cargo enables improvement in delivery speed, taking advantage of the compactness and mobility that only motorcycles can offer.

In the global movment towards decarbonization, Deutsche Post DHL Group also plans to electrify 60% of its collection/delivery vehicles by 2030. By promoting not only EVs but also downsizing of vehicles, energy consumption is expected to be further reduced, thereby reducing environmental impact.

Comment from Mr. Tony Khan
President & Representative Director – DHL Japan, Inc.

“Our mission is to help our customers expand their international presence by delivering important documents and parcels as swiftly as possible. The addition of these 3-wheel electric motorcycles to our fleet will further improve our mobility in urban areas and, at the same time, contribute to reducing our carbon emissions. To further improve the customer experience and reduce the impact on the global environment, we will continue to “green” our logistics without hesitation.”

 Customized Vehicle    AA-Cargo DHL Model

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