Who we are

At aidea, we re-examine, undo, divide, match, and transpose
what are considered common sense and thought-out ideas.

By continuing this process, we believe a future beyond the imaginable;
where what we thought “unordinary” becomes “ordinary”, will come true.

With methodologies smarter than ever, we aim to expand the possibilities and value of life
by removing uncomfortableness and worries surrounding transportation.

Let aidea help you bring a richer and happier life.

In 1996, ADIVA was born in Italy to bring joy to transportation.
The first product, BENELLI ADIVA 150 – a city scooter with foldable roof and rear box – was launched in 2000.
It resolved environmental obstacles for a comfortable transportation, such as heat, cold, wind and rain.

And now, inheriting the passion of ADIVA,
“aidea” is born to exceed the conventional boundaries of motorcycles and create further value.

Through the transportation of people, things, and experience,
aidea aspires to express its love and achieve its ideal

– contribute to human prosperity on a global scale by pursuing the effective use of energy.