Ability to travel longer distance
with a big battery.
AA-wiz is your business partner whenever you go.

AA-wiz LOGO L1e/L3e
AA-wiz photo
Distance up to 137km
per charge*.
* When running at a constant 30km speed per hour.

Great looking Italian design.
Once fully charged, it is powerful enough to be used all day long.
“AA-wiz” is a fun and colorful business partner.

AA-wiz Features

As your business partner,
AA-wiz’s features provide
the riders can feel comfortable
  • battery
    High-capacity battery for long distance.

    Equipped with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery of approximately 4 kWh, it can travel long distances of up to 137 km on a single charge. This is enough capacity for a full day of riding.

  • Charged on the go
    Charged on the go.

    Type 1 or Type 2 charging socket enables charging of the vehicle at home, and also at EV charging stations.

  • brakes
    Disc brakes for stable performance.

    The combination brake is designed for riders of all levels, and is designed to provide a well-balanced front and rear brake force.

  • In-wheel hub motor
    In-wheel hub motor for powerful performance.

    The compact in-wheel hub motor installed greatly reduce the number of drivetrain components and power loss.

  • right hand drive
    Backing up is easy with the power of the motor.

    Turning the throttle while pressing the switch on the right-hand steering wheel reverses the motor and backs the vehicle. Turning around in narrow alleys and parking spaces can be done easily while sitting in the seat.

  • display
    Large LCD display.

    The large full-color LCD display comes with simple graphical display of speed, remaining battery capacity, mileage, clock, and various indicators.


Specifications below are development target values.
They are subject to change without notice.

AA-wiz α AA-wiz β
Classification L1e/
50cc equivalent
125cc equivalent
1,945 x 685 x 1,120mm
Seat height 700mm
Weight 143kg
Power 0.3kW
Wheel Size F/W 13inch
Brake Disk CBS
Distance per
137km ※
Around 3 hours full charge, 2 hours 75%

* Distance when running at a constant 30km/h.
Actual distance may vary depending on weight load and road conditions.

Coming soon…


AA-wiz is now available for reservations.
For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.