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Here are some actual use cases of aidea vehicles!

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Use cases

Here are some actual use cases of aidea vehicles!

Japan Post Co., Ltd.

aidea’s AA-Cargo was adopted as Japan Post’s postal delivery vehicle
 Meeting needs of small packages and high-frequency delivery

Smaller packages and more frequent delivery are trending in response to the expansion of e-commerce. A demo was conducted at two post offices in Tokyo for two months from September 2020, using the AA Cargo for such delivery operations.

After verifying its driving stability and convenience in the demonstration tests, Japan Post officially adopted the AA-Cargo as their first roof-covered 3-wheel EV.

Since end of March 2021, AA-Cargo has been in operation in eight post offices located in Tokyo, Ibaraki, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa Prefectures, as their postal delivery vehicle.

AA Cargo L5e, a Class 2 moped (=125cc equivallent under Japanese transportation laws), is more efficient for operations because it is subject to fewer regulations than a Class 1 moped (=50cc equivallent under Japanese transportation laws). Its maximum loading capacity of 60 kg makes it suitable for operations that carry a lot of cargo, as opposed to Class 1 mopeds which have a maximum loading capacity of 30 kg. In addition, the 7.7 kWh high-capacity lithium-ion battery enables a longer driving range, eliminating concerns of shorter driving ranges seen in conventional electric motorcycles.

 Customized Vehicle   AA-Cargo Japan Post Model

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