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Here are some actual use cases of aidea vehicles!

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Use cases

Here are some actual use cases of aidea vehicles!

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism
Kanto Region Development Bureau
Lower Arakawa River Office

aidea’s AA-Cargo was adopted for a social experiment to patrol the Arakawa river

Official press release by the Lower Arakawa River Office

 New initiatives to achieve SDGs and a decarbonized society

As a part of a social experiment to improve the well-being of the Arakawa river, AA-Cargo was adopted as the patrol vehicle in February 2021.

This initiative contributes to the achievement of the 7th Sustainable Development Goal, “Affordable and Clean Energy”. Items such as the reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of electric three-wheeled motorcycles, as well as improving work environment (i.e., lessening burden of officers) were significant factors upon adopting the vehicle.

In the lower reaches of the Arakawa River, river patrols are conducted daily (365 days a year) to monitor and maintain facilities such as levees and sluice gates, and to detect illegal activities in the area at an early stage. The Arakawa River is an important river with many users and is within the flood zone of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Therefore, in addition to normal patrols, night-time patrols and patrols during emergencies are also conducted as needed.

 Customized Vehicle    AA-Cargo Arakawa River Patrol Model

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