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Best solution for you
and the environment

aidea's EV can help build new lifestyles and establish business environments, while solving issues of conventional vehicles

Environmentally Friendly

During the UN summit in 2015, one of the adopted keys to achieve SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) was ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) Usage. AA-Cargo will provide environmentally friendly mobility or mobile solution.

Reduction of CO2 Emission

Approximately 18% of CO2 emission in Japan, 213 million tons per year, comes from the transport sector, including private and commercial vehicles, freight cars, and ships. The effort to become low CO2 emission society is the issue that we all encounter. By replacing gasoline engine vehicles with electric vehicles, it is possible to reduce approximately 1.1 tons / year * per vehicle. The implementation of electric vehicles that do not emit CO2 when driving is the first step in improving global warming and achieving a prosperous future.
* Monthly mileage 1,000 km, fuel consumption 30 km / L (Source: Ministry of Environment Japan)

Utilize Renewable Energy

Vehicles powered by electricity, which can be produced from renewable energies such as solar, wind and hydropower, instead of the limited fossil energy “gasoline”, have a lower environmental impact and are considered as sustainable mobility.

Friendly to Society

Next-generation mobility should not only coexist with society but also contribute to society. AA-Cargo is a mobility that can “help people” with features not to be found in existing vehicles and cars.

Portable Battery

AA-Cargo is equipped with a 4kWh large capacity battery which is useful as a storage battery. In Japan, electricity is cheaper during the nighttime and battery can be charged at night and used during the daytime. As a result, it contributes to leveling the power load (peak shift). In addition, taking advantage of the unique capability of a vehicle, it will be possible to use electricity anytime and anywhere as a “portable power source”. It can also be used for power supply during outdoor events or disasters.

Optimal Size in city

A vehicle that is less than half the size of a small passenger car both vertically and horizontally. This compact size can solve various problems in urban areas such as lack of parking lots, narrow roads and traffic jams. This is an extremely efficient logistic solution for a single person with small amount of luggage.

Low Noise Level

There is no noise when starting the Electric vehicles and no engine noise while idling. You can drive the electric vehicles without hesitation in the early morning or night around residential area. Furthermore, electric vehicles can be used in indoor such as warehouses as electric vehicles do not emit any CO2.

Supporting Business

AA-Cargo can be a good business partner for your business. It reduces the problems of conventional commercial vehicles, but also has the potential to create new business opportunities.

Low Running Costs

Comparing to the cost required to ride Comparing to the cost required to ride 1km, an electric vehicle costs about 1/31km, an electric vehicle costs about 1/3 of an engine vehicle. Thus, the more youof an engine vehicle. Thus, the more you ride in terms of distance, the more youride in terms of distance, the more you
Regular maintenance such as engine oilRegular maintenance such as engine oil is not required; reducing both labour andis not required; reducing both labour and costs. Furthermore, the risk of repair iscosts. Furthermore, the risk of repair is minimized because the amount of partsminimized because the amount of parts that make up the vehicle are relativelythat make up the vehicle are relatively small. It is a lot less hassle than refuelingsmall. It is a lot less hassle than refueling at gas gas stations.

Excellent Loading Capacity

The motor, which is the power unit of anThe motor, which is the power unit of an electric vehicle, has a different outputelectric vehicle, has a different output characteristic from the gasoline engine,characteristic from the gasoline engine, and generates the maximum torqueand generates the maximum torque (the force to turn the wheels) as soon(the force to turn the wheels) as soon as the accelerator is opened,as the accelerator is opened, accelerating the vehicle quickly andaccelerating the vehicle quickly and smoothly. It is especially effective insmoothly. It is especially effective in situations where a heavy object issituations where a heavy object is loaded and climbing a hill.loaded and climbing a hill.

* The strong loading platform can holdThe strong loading platform can hold up to 100kg of luggage. Boxes can beup to 100kg of luggage. Boxes can be attached according to the customer’sattached according to the customer’s application.application.


aidea’s electric vehicles are all designedaidea’s electric vehicles are all designed in Italy. The unique design from Italy, ain Italy. The unique design from Italy, a fusion of tradition and modernity, bringsfusion of tradition and modernity, brings joy to viewers and riders. It also helps tojoy to viewers and riders. It also helps to emphasize the uniqueness andemphasize the uniqueness and advance of the companyadvance of the company.
(2018 Good Design Award Winner)

Comfortable and Safe

Front screen and roof protect riders from cold rain and harsh sun. The wiper with a washer function ensures good visibility even in rainy weather, and enables comfortable driving.

A three-wheel structure with one front wheel and two rear wheels provides a comfortable and stable ride. Even those who are not used to riding vehicles can ride with confidence.

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